Market Segment Expertise

Our team of marketing experts specialize across cybersecurity, cloud and network storage, networking, CXL, big data,  data management, SaaS, and AI MarTech solutions.

Cyber Security

Security GTM, Compliance, and Channels

The Ragnar Marketing team are experts in the cyber security market with deep technical and GTM. We understand the challenge of making your company seen in a crowded and complex marketplace because we live it daily. We can develop the right messaging, personas, GTM programs, channel plans,  competitive positioning, and sales enablement solutions to grow your revenue.

Cloud and Network Storage

Cloud Storage, Network Storage, Data Management, Security

Data storage, management, protection, governance, and security are at the heart of every cloud, SaaS platform, and enterprise application.  This market continues to evolve and change every day, and we can help you position your company and technology to win customers, beat competitors, and enable your sellers and channels.  Our team has experience in the technology, channels, and vertical markets to help you win.

CXL and Big Memory Apps

Persistent Memory, Server Interconnects, Big Memory Apps

Ragnar has worked with leading companies that are addressing the specific needs of big memory applications and cloud and server scaling via the latest CXL server interconnect. This technology will drive a new age of comping performance, scale, and enablement of big memory applications for in-memory data bases, AI/ML pipelines, genomics research and more.

Cloud Management & Optimization

Multi-Cloud, Cloud Strategy, Optimizing Cloud Costs

The cloud market is vast and ever-expanding, but it is complex and requires careful planning to build a strategy and deploy solutions that ate both operationally and cost-effective.  We can help you demonstrate to your cloud partners, customers, and channels why you provide solutions that change the game and deliver on the promise of the cloud cost-effectively.

MarTech Solutions

Platforms, Generative AI, Governance, Media, ABM Strategy

Like you, we live and breathe martech tools as a business.  Every day we are using martech and generative AI tools to enhance our business. Our team can help position your martech solution in this complex and growing market. We know this space because it is our space.

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