GTM = Get to Money

Ragnar Marketing Group will help redefine what GTM means to you and your stakeholders. In all of today’s hyper-competitive markets, marketing leaders need to show how they help their companies get to what CxOs really care about, money.

Content That Drives Action

Content is still the king of marketing efforts. It allows your company to speak to a variety of audiences, defining your business value by establishing your business cases and competitive advantages. RMG will help make sure your messaging is always on point and moving your prospects forward.

Hard Core Competitive Positioning

Every deal is competitive, and we will deliver the right research to enable your sales teams, channels, and technology alliance partners to have the best positioning and answers to close deals faster.

Revenue Creating Sales Enablement

Selling is a team sport and we enable sellers, service providers, and channels to build pipeline, beat competitors, and close revenue.

We Help Redefine What GTM Means

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GTM = Get to Money

The only metric that really matters to CxOs is revenue

We have all stood before executives and boards and had to answer one question: How much revenue did marketing produce? All of your work and efforts only matter if the top line grows. RMG will help you find the right messages, programs, and ROI to answer the only question CxOs care about.

AI Marketing Strategies

What tools are useful and how to use them effectively

Generative AI will fundamentally change how marketing is done. However, like every new technology, the hype is far ahead of the capability. While AI won’t replace you (yet), the smart person leveraging AI will.  RMG will help develop the right strategies, implementations, and policies for effective use of generative AI to keep you ahead of your competitors.

ABM Demand Generation

Personas, ABM targeting, and delivery channels

The number one mistake we all make in creating personas is basing them on our own knowledge, versus listening to how customers talk about and self-select themselves. In our social and digital world, most people already provide almost perfect personas of their work lives based on online behaviors. For marketers, the real secret going forward is to listen more and follow the paths that our customers provide right to their proverbial front doors.

Content That Creates Action

Campaigns, launches, social, verticals-focused assets, and sales kickoffs

Content is a core deliverable for marketing teams. The appetite for content is never-ending and often coming from multiple directions at once. RMG can help with one piece of collateral, one project, or RMG can be your content engine driving thought leadership, demand pipeline, sales enablement, and/or social programs. RMG has built a content development methodology that helps scale your content marketing strategy and build your brand.

Hard Core Competitive Analysis

Competitive research, pricing analysis, and sales enablement

Customers are smarter, more educated, and more independent than ever. You can’t win with a competitive matrix or battle card. You have to create narratives, self-serve tools, and engagement vehicles so customers eliminate the competitors from consideration and chose you. This requires building trust with customers – proving you understand their problems and making it easy for them to see how you help while enabling your sellers with proof-points, narratives, and data to win deals.

Sales and Channel Enablement

VARs, distributors, MSPs, SIs, alliances, and cloud marketplaces

Partners see the world in different ways and with varying requirements of value. Your messaging and value proposition to them must be as customized as your ABM target personas.  RMG can shape your messaging to scale your business through these channels—our “Triple Jump” model will help you build business cases that will resonate with and motivate partners. 

Ragnar On Marketing


Marketing must evolve and be dynamic. We share our thoughts and experiences and help you win in your GTM battles.

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